Captain Ken's, In the summer of 1943, Ken Freiberg began his career as a firefighter in St. Paul, Minnesota. In 1953, he was promoted to Captain of Firehouse Number 14, where it was customary for each fireman to cook meals for their fellow firefighters. Captain Ken's specialty was oven-baked beans with bacon. Word spread and people from miles around would stop by the fire station hoping to sample some of Captain Ken's mouthwatering oven-baked beans.

Ken sold his first dish of oven-baked beans from a food stand he opened at the Minnesota State Fair in 1964. It was a big hit. A few years later, at the age of 55, Ken retired from the fire department and started Captain Ken's Foods.

Today, over 45 years later, Captain Ken's follows the same slow, oven-baking process to make their beans from scratch. But Ken didn't just make beans. He created a variety of other mouth-watering recipes including Captain Ken's Original Firehouse Chili. Other favorites followed including Sloppy Joe, Taco Meat, Tater Tot Casserole, BBQ Beans, Macaroni & Beef, plus many more.

All products are made using premium ingredients, are pre-cooked, and flash frozen to lock in freshness. Try some today and we know you'll be back!

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